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Passionate about People, Learning, and Performance

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We are Passionate about People, Learning, and Performance

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We create strategic learning solutions that encourage action, growth, and performance improvement. We champion the needs and goals of the business leader, the L & D leader, and learner alike.

    Performance. Aligned, Delivered, and Measured

    Performance is important to us, and so is data. Data pulls us all into alignment and focuses us all on learning outcomes that change performance. It creates purpose so everything works in artful precision. We create beauty by making complex things elegantly simple. Our approach is strategic and our decision making considers, "What are the possibilities?"

    The training world is fascinating and has the potential to create so much change. But it can’t be devoid of true performance. It is routinely being undermined by quick-fix, flashy solutions. This is not who we are.

    Creating Change through Innovation, Invention and Intentional Learning Experiences

    We craft inventive, data-driven development maps and training solutions to create learning experiences that achieve the goals of the “triangle of performers.” Focusing on the business leader, training officer, and learner as a collective whole, we blend and balance each unique set of needs to improve performance, deliver business results, and create organizational change.

    Making a Difference

    Making a difference means doing things differently. What we do is not random, we are always steering to keep your goals and needs in mind. Along the way we'll encourage you to shake things up, to break through a few boundaries, to rethink, and to reimagine obstacles to discover what works and what brings success. We think of performance as an engine, compelling your organization forward. It's the tick of the engine that we love. We connect its energy to the momentum of the entire organization and we make the whole thing run better.

    We love imagining the architecture as much as we enjoy building it. We ask ourselves all the time, "What's your engine for change?" What we do can sometimes be complex behind the scenes, but it works flawlessly.

    Trusted Partners, Delivering Your Goals

    Your goals are our goals. We love a challenge so stretch goals are our favorite kind. We want to help you make a positive impact so we bring a team with a diverse set of experiences and skills, a bag full of tools (the right tool makes all the difference), proven methods, and a commitment to step back, look hard, and imagine the possibilities.  

    We'll join you in creating inventive learning solutions that:

    • Deliver business impact by utilizing data and design to align to business goals and create value
    • Produce ROI for every training program delivered 
    • Develop confident, capable, engaged, world-class performing employees


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    There's an upside to obstacles.

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    We embrace obstacles, overcoming, sidestepping, or adapting to them. Obstacles make us stronger and smarter, help us focus on what's important, and make us more creative. 

    Sometimes you want to move from a position of strength to make things run better. Sometimes you're responding to a problem. Our approach simplifies and un-complicates things so you can see how all the pieces and parts come together so things can run smoothly and you achieve meaningful goals.

    ➤ grow talent faster                     

    ➤ improved employee performance                    

    ➤ clearer definition of roles

    ➤ succinct employee Development map         

    ➤ increased employee retention


    We balance the drivers of these various business goals with systematic, systemic methods so your employees can be engaged, confident, and capable and your organization can run smoothly.


    When we help employees improve, we help your business. We challenge the status quo so we can help you change your organization.

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