Actio Learning + Alight Solutions Modernize Performance Based Learning Strategies.


Alight Solutions provides benefits administration and cloud-based HR and financial solutions to help clients and their people navigate the complexity of health, wealth and HR. With 22,000 colleagues across 14 global centers, they deliver an unrivaled consumer experience. Alight has been operating for 25+ years and is the former outsourcing business of Aon plc.


Alight Solutions (formerly Aon Services Corporation), a global organization operations in North America and India, needed to improve outdated, ineffective training for two critical roles. The Talent Organization faced a number of challenges:

  • Development was taking too long

  • Team members were poorly prepared to perform

  • Employee engagement was low and turnover was higher than desired

  • Employee development was a “best guess” since team member accountabilities were unclear

  • Weak bench strength

All of which was resulting in poor client and participant experience and more “at risk” clients than desired. Download the Case Study to discover how Actio developed developmental roadmaps to improve overall efforts.