Three Ways L&D Makes Business Alignment Harder Than It Needs to Be

Research by Bersin, Brandon Hall and Training Industry shows that there’s a gap between Learning and the Business. The gap doesn’t need to exist.

Here are three ways Learning organizations make alignment harder than it needs to be.

  • Allowing a business leader to self-diagnose training needs. Akin to a patient self-diagnosing a medical condition, good intentions often lead to poor outcomes. 
  • Focusing on our training problems rather than the business problems (or goals). When we focus on the quirky issues of the LMS, or how hard it is to assemble existing content into a course, or whether we can use the niftiest, newest modality, or whatever ails the training function, we pull away from the business problems or goals we are meant to address.
  • Allowing learning solutions to be thought of as a “silver bullet." Business goals and problems can be complex, and learning may be only a sliver of the solution.

Alignment begins with three productive conversations.

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Brian BleckeComment