Product Demo: Development Maps – Your Guide to Align and Unlock Performance


Thank you Training Industry for hosting our Webinar: Development Maps - Your Guide to Align and Unlock Performance.

Meeting the needs of the business, L&D, and the learner is often a challenge when designing learning solutions. Development maps are the key to aligning these needs. By linking learning outcomes to performance milestones, you can demonstrate a traceable, measurable connection to business goals. Then, business leaders are confident in the training, and learners have a roadmap guiding their development through engaging and relevant formal and informal learning experiences.

Join us for this complimentary Training Industry Product Showcase, sponsored by Actio Learning. Your hosts, Kelly Smith and Brian Blecke, two of Actio’s founding partners, will share three case studies to explore the drivers, features, benefits (to the business, L&D, and learners) and business value of development maps.

This product overview will provide important insights on how development maps:

  • Balance and achieve the goals and needs of business stakeholders, L&D, and the learners
  • Bring relevant learning experiences to one source, providing learners with a personalized development experience
  • Use formal and informal learning across the 70/20/10 spectrum
  • Guide learners from one performance milestone to the next
  • Provide measurable, performance results

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