Custom training solutions to improve employee confidence, capability, and performance


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Highly effective training first demonstrates a bright-line and measurable connection between learning outcomes, job performance, and business purpose. Whether we’re working with you on large-scale, program-level initiatives or a single course, we’ll help you answer important questions.


Question 1: WHY?

Our work together starts with your business purpose. A clearly defined, measurable business purpose emerges from your organization’s data (such as financial or performance data) and input from stakeholders to answer three important questions:

  • What is the goal?

  • What obstacles stand in the way of achieving the goal?

  • How will you measure success?

By establishing a business purpose that clearly demonstrates that stakeholder expectations have been integrated and important trade-offs have been made, we increase the odds that the training solution will be supported by a broad community of leaders.

In addition to business alignment, the business purpose correctly defines the scale, scope and value of the effort. It provides measures that are meaningful to business leaders and forecasts business outcomes. It ensures we all share a common focus which encourages decisions that put subject matter, project management, design, development, and reporting capabilities and resources to good use.

Question 2: WHO & WHAT?

Based on the business purpose, we work with you and your stakeholders to determine which role(s) will have the most direct impact on the business purpose. Sometimes it’s an obvious link, such as a goal to increase sales is likely to involve the sales roles. In times when the connection isn’t so clear, we have the performance consulting expertise to help you.

In our experience, this sort of role-targeted, performance-focused approach is often what stakeholders want to see. This is likely because they recognize the direct connection between the approach, the outcome, and their business purpose.

It’s vitally important to understand and define the performance, knowledge, or skill changes necessary to achieve the business purpose. Our performance consultants work with your stakeholders to ensure the gap is defined, with just the right amount of precision, so everyone can see what has to change to achieve the new level of performance or to address the problem.

Our goal is to clearly articulate the gap in business and work performance terms, and to make the link between performance outcomes and the business purpose explicit. The advantage of this approach is that the business value is evident, which encourages stakeholders, top performers, and subject matter experts to engage more freely, in their own language, using their expressions.

Our analysis efforts are calibrated to the scale, scope and complexity of the business purpose – to allow us to move fast - while getting the necessary data. Typically, our analysis efforts focus on the following:

  • Target role demographics

  • Role performance requirements

  • Environmental factors (processes, technology, etc.)

  • Competence, knowledge and skill requirements

What I loved about working with Actio is they made my job easier. I’m not a data person. I hate doing it. That’s why I leaned toward them because they have a passion for it. I go by gut and they validate me. I value how much they put on analysis. You can’t design training programs without it.
— Kristin Brown, HR Talent Leader, formerly of AonHewitt

Question 3: HOW?

The custom, performance-based learning strategy and training solutions we design close the performance gap and tie training outcomes to the business purpose – and business leader value the bright-line and measurable connection.

We build single training products to large-scale programs and learning solutions. Large-scale efforts often start with a Development Map, which is a programmatic learning strategy that combines formal training and informal learning into a developmental roadmap.

Our approach is deeply collaborative, and we have the expertise and processes to build the right custom training solution for your business purpose. Our designers use research-based approaches and design training that keeps the learner challenged and engaged. We focus on methods that improve retention and use spaced, real-world practice to anchor learning to job performance. And we know how to incorporate effective, timely feedback.

When we come across situations where training isn’t the best option to achieve your business goals, our Performance Consultants can work with you to identify other solutions to improve performance.

Their speed is so impressive. They accomplish so much with such short deadlines.
— Lauren Riley, Wealth Management, Morgan Stanley