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Kelly Smith presenting at TICE 2017.

Kelly Smith presenting at TICE 2017.


Aligning L & D to Business: Tips and tools you can start using today  

At Actio, we are passionate about aligning learning to the business. It begins with simple conversations fueled by thoughtful questions. 

Here are a few key thoughts from the presentation:

  • Elements of alignment
    • Structural - Are all the right stakeholders engaged?
    • Purpose - Do we have a complete understanding of the business goals, the obstacles and business metrics?
    • Performance - Have we focused on the role(s) with the greatest impact on the business goal? Do we understand the change to performance?
    • Learning outcome - Does the learning solution concept change performance and align with the business goals? How will the business measure success?
  • Tips to get started
    • Start building alignment with whomever is across the table from you
    • Learning must align to the business - not the other way around
    • Business goals / problems are not the same as learning business goals / problems
    • Avoid talking about learning and the challenges of developing the learning solution (that's our problem, not theirs) 

Click here for the presentation slides.

Click here for the simple alignment assessment tool.

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