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We're growing! Are you interested in becoming part of our team?

 We are proud to do the kind of work that earns industry recognition!

We are proud to do the kind of work that earns industry recognition!

As part of our growing and dynamic virtual team, you'll learn new methodologies and practices, collaborate to uncover inventive ways to overcome our clients' obstacles and create innovative, engaging and high-impact training.

Actio Learning has a unique methodology that brings into balance the needs of the business leader, the learning officer, and the learner to overcome obstacles and create organizational change. Whether working on large-scale development maps or individual courses, our goal is to develop training that creates engaged, confident, capable employees who perform at world-class levels.

We have several positions open:

  • Learning Strategist

  • Instructional Designer

  • eLearning Programmer (Captivate, Storyline, Camtasia preferred)

  • Performance Consultant

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Performance Consultant

Our performance consultants help the client overcome their organizational obstacles. Working closely with business leaders, learning officers and employees, they help the organization see their obstacles and their causes from different a perspective and design inventive ways to overcome them. While their primary focus will be using training to address employee knowledge, skill and performance gaps, performance consultants will also identify and help the client address non-training causes as well.

We are looking for individuals who have

  • Demonstrated experience addressing a broad array of performance issues and a professional toolbox of multiple methodologies and approaches (e.g., Change Management, Lean, Six Sigma, ADDIE, SAM, etc.).

  • Sophisticated communication skills and demonstrated excellence working with senior leaders and executives, leaders, managers and team members across all analysis, design, development and implementation efforts.

  • A BA / BS, a Masters or a Ph.D. in a related field.

Learning Strategist

At Actio Learning, a learning strategist is a problem solver who understands the goals of business leaders and who fully utilizes the wide range of training and development options, capabilities and modalities available to achieve them. Instrumental in making or guiding curriculum-level design decisions, learning strategists use analysis data and their expertise in adult learning to design formal and informal programs that create sustainable performance improvement. Learning strategists have demonstrated experience working with senior leaders and executives, leaders, managers and team members across all analysis, design, development and implementation efforts.

We are looking for individuals who have

  • Demonstrated experience working with client leaders and who are skilled working in small teams, facilitating structured small group meetings and collaborating with client master performers and subject matter experts.

  • Experience leading small teams.

  • Demonstrated expertise across all aspects of ADDIE or SAM and a demonstrated ability to design and develop content in a variety of media – all types of instructor led, coached, eLearning or blended learning experience.

  • Expertise in making learning strategy recommendations or decisions.

  • Demonstrated expertise in the design of and application of meaningful evaluation practices.

  • A BA /BS or may have a Masters in a related field.

Instructional Designer

At Actio Learning, our instructional designers are responsible for translating conceptual learning strategy into detailed designs, storyboards and eventually training products. We expect our instructional designers to be flexible, creative and inventive. When we are building large-scale curriculums, instructional designers will work from a "bulk manufacturing" approach, using our unique models and repeatable templates and patterns to design and develop training in large quantities. When we are developing individual or small groups of courses, our instructional designers are expected to follow more traditional developmental ADDIE or SAM models. 

We are looking for individuals who have

  • Demonstrated experience designing and developing engaging and inventive formal and informal training.

  • Experience working independently and in groups of peers, receiving periodic guidance and oversight from a project or team manager. From time-to-time, a senior instructional designer will be involved organizing and coordinating the activities small groups of instructional designers.

  • Experience in a number of instructional analysis methods

  • Demonstrated the ability to design and develop training in at least two modalities (e.g., all types of instructor led, coached or eLearning), use several commercially available developmental tools (e.g., Articulate, Captivate, Camtasia, Lectora, Storyline, Studio, etc.), has demonstrated the ability to make appropriate instructional design decisions and to implement sound evaluation practices.

  • Experience working with master performers and subject matter experts

  • Experience leading project or program activities with client side leaders and groups of master performers or subject matter experts.

  • A BA / BS in a related field or who has successfully completed an instructional design training program.

We are looking for individuals with two or more years experience creating the look, layout, and features of reusable eLearning templates, courseware and learning portals and who have experience with responsive and adaptive design. An eLearning programmer works directly with our instructional designers and with client team members responsible for learning management systems and other technical requirements. We are looking for individuals who have proven expertise with commercially available development platforms such as Articulate, Captivate, Camtasia, Lectora, Storyline and Studio, experience writing clean, cross-platform and cross-browser code in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript as well as knowledge of modern learning management systems. Knowledge of SCORM and xAPI requirements and a BA / BS in a related field are required.

eLearning Programmer & UI / UX

At Actio Learning, our graphic artists are instrumental in creating engaged, confident and capable employees. We are looking for artists who can work effectively within requirements and who have demonstrated acumen in the creation of custom charts, graphs, images, characters, infographics, backgrounds and other artwork to reinforce key learning concepts in training products, client portals or websites, illuminate key points in analysis reports or design documents and in Actio marketing materials. We are looking for a talented individual with more than three years' experience, and who is proven to be adept with eLearning development platforms such as Articulate, Camtasia, Captivate, Lectora, Storyline and Studio and graphics programs such as Illustrator and Photoshop. A BA in graphic design or related field is required.

Graphic Artist / Creative

We are looking for individuals who are skilled with the Microsoft Office Suite (particularly Word, PowerPoint and Excel), who have an eye for detail and work quickly while producing high-quality deliverables. Our production support and quality assurance team is responsible for accurately entering data from hand-written notes or flip chart pages into standard templates and formats. The team also reviews draft or nearly final documents and products for spelling and grammatical accuracy and provides input or feedback. An Associates Degree or equivalent experience is required and a BA / BS is a plus.

Quality Assurance & Production Support