Custom training solutions to improve employee confidence, capability, and performance


Training is an investment, and we make it count.

We believe training must have a business purpose. Effective training – training that achieves its business purpose – is shaped by stakeholder expectations, data, and a clear understanding of the performance problem or goal.

Your situation, your goals and challenges are unique. We understand that your goals might be transformational, affecting most of your organization, or they could be smaller, focused on a particular, narrowly defined gap. Rest assured, we have experience and team to deal with the training needs across that entire continuum.


e learning

Art + Science

Balancing art and science, we design eLearning so that it challenges the learner, conveys content simply, has meaningful interactivity and practice, and uses a variety of design treatments to enhance the learning experience.

Expertise: eLearning, microlearning and mobile learning built using a variety of development platforms


instructor-led learning

Engaging & Effective

Building streamlined, engaging instructor-led training focuses the learner on need-to-know content and offers the opportunity for real-world practice in a variety of ways; in small and large group activities, role-plays, simulations, and games.

Expertise: Instructor-led, virtual instructor-led and flipped classroom


On the Job Learning

Timely & Targeted

Focusing on easy to consume content delivered at the right time, on-the-job learning methods are often underutilized. We design them to convey information quickly and effectively, so employees perform successfully without wasting time.

Expertise: Structured coaching, job aids, and performance support

Blended Learning…

Because a hammer isn’t the best tool for all situations

We understand the strengths and weaknesses of most training methods and we know when each method, or blend of methods, will be best for your situation. One of our clients put it this way,

Actio is like the workman who comes into your house with 42 tools hanging from their waste. They always know the right one to use . . . the perfect tool to get the job done.
— Tracy Adams, Learning Solutions Manager, Crowe

Watch our short video on Blended Learning

We focus on your business purpose and the training context, apply the relevant research, and design innovative blended learning.


Work with Actio Learning when you want a partner who has the experience and know-how to focus on your business purpose and performance goals, use proven design and development processes, leverage research-based models and will take the time to step back, look hard at your situation, and imagine the possibilities.


Development Maps

Creating Development Maps is a core service at Actio.

Like a roadmap guides you to your destination, a Development Map guides an employee on their developmental journey. Development Maps provide a sequenced, graphical map of the formal and informal learning experiences supporting your employees as they progress from one level of performance to the next.

Depending on the situation, a Development Map can stretch across a period of several years or target a specific business goal within a short time span.

Watch this short video to learn more.

With nearly 20 years’ experience, dozens of clients and hundreds of projects, Actio Learning understands that each organization is unique, with its own goals, challenges, and metrics.

Check out a few of our case studies to learn more about the part we played in helping our clients achieve their unique visions.