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We hear platitudes in the training industry all the time, flashy this, quick-fix that and that’s not what we’re here for. We are sincere about what we do and are passionate about your employees' journey. We know you are aware that performance doesn’t happen in a vacuum; everything is interwoven and connected. When it's running well, it's like something smooth and powerful, compelling your organization forward.

It’s the tick of the engine that we love. We connect its energy to the momentum of the entire organization to make the whole thing run better. We ask ourselves all the time, “What’s your engine for change?”

We come to each opportunity with a unique vision because no two clients are the same. We work hard to ensure everything we do for our clients has data to support it. We use metrics to create consistency and define clear expectations. Performance outcomes drive the whole picture. We are always steering to keep your goals and needs in mind.

We help you move from tactical to strategic innovation so your employees are more engaged, more confident, more capable and your business is more successful. We define our success by solving your problems and allowing you to focus on what matters. We encourage you to think about your business and yourself in a different way.




Partner, Performance Consultant

Kelly Smith

For 25 years Kelly has consulted with clients to design and deliver innovative learning and performance solutions to improve organizational performance and address workforce challenges. Her expertise in the disciplines of organizational design, performance improvement, training and development, and project management coupled with her extensive consulting experience offer a broad set of proven methods and practices. As a founding partner of Actio Learning, she will continue to help clients improve organizational performance while developing the next generation of learning professionals and performance consultants. 


Partner, Performance Consultant

Brian Blecke

With more than 25 years experience leading and working with clients to address learning and performance improvement opportunities, Brian has a proven track record of aligning business and learning needs, simplifying complex situations and using training to create world class employee performance. His toolkit is full of proven methods and practices and his experience spans industries, roles and levels. As Actio Learning grows, he will continue to help clients improve organizational performance while developing the next generation of learning professionals and performance consultants.



Partner, Business Development

Steve Smith

Steve is a sales executive with over 20 years experience providing his Global 2000 clients with custom, large-scale strategic learning service solutions to help them solve business problems and build world class performing employees. He specializes in both direct and channel sales along with new business development; including market creationsegmentation and development. As a founding partner of Actio Learning, he is responsible for revenue growth and expansion of our client base and strategic partners.

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